April 27-28, 2024


1845 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118

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Lead and Empower Her She Talks, in partnership with the BoldSKY Foundation, are proud to announce the first of its kind Women’s Product Entrepreneur & Inventor Summit.

The trends are changing in the product world. Women who previously would have kept their innovative ideas to themselves are now rising up and bringing their product ideas to light. And we are here for them

The Women’s Product Entrepreneur & Inventor Summit was created by women with a great product ideas, for women with great product ideas.

This Summit is designed to not only provide actionable advice and time and money-saving direction that will move the needle forward on any product-focused business, but it also offers women an opportunity to pitch their great ideas to a live audience and a panel of esteemed judges.

Women Inventors

This two-day event, hosted in beautiful Coronado, CA, will include influential keynote speakers who have successfully taken products to market, “roll-up-your-sleeves” workshops designed to give you take-aways specific for your business or idea, and an inspiring investor pitch day in front of a highly respected panel of judges and an engaged live audience. 

Get ready to elevate yourself and take your product to the next level!

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Product Pitch Contest

Call for Submissions: Celebrating Women Inventors and Innovators

We are excited to invite all women inventors and innovators to submit their innovative products for an opportunity to be recognized, celebrated, and awarded for their exceptional contributions in this burgeoning business space. This unique opportunity was designed to highlight the remarkable achievements of women in the field of invention and entrepreneurship.

Submission Details:

Women product entrepreneurs and inventors are encouraged to submit their innovative physical products for review. Whether you have designed a sustainable solution, a revolutionary medical device, or a creative consumer product, we want to hear from you. Submissions should include a detailed description of the product, its unique features, and its potential impact on society.

Requirements for Submission:

  • Must be a woman-owned business (minimum 51% woman-owned)
  • Must have a tangible, consumer-based product
  • Must have a website
  • Must be currently selling your product to the general public
  • Must be a citizen of and living in the United States 

Selection Process:

Our expert panel of diverse judges will meticulously review all submissions and select six outstanding products. These six winners will be invited to showcase their inventions by pitching live to the judges at a prestigious event held in Coronado, CA, on April. 27-28th. 

Pitch Event and Awards:

The chosen winners will have the exclusive opportunity to present their products in front of our panel of judges, industry leaders, potential investors, and fellow inventors during the pitch event in Coronado, CA. Each winner will have a dedicated time slot to showcase the merits of their invention and its market potential.

Cash Award:

In recognition of their exceptional innovation and hard work, the six winners will compete for substantial cash awards. The intention of these prizes is to support the continued development and success of their inventions, empowering them to further drive positive change in their respective fields. More on the Cash Awards will be announced soon.

For submission guidelines and to submit your product please click the button below.

Apply to Pitch Your Product Here

Submission Deadline: Friday, January 5, 2024 at midnight EDT
Final Winners Notified: Friday, January 26, 2023

Event Highlights

Aside from the pitch event and cash award, the event will provide in-depth networking opportunities with industry experts, investors, and fellow innovators. Attendees will hear from female experts in the product space, engage in insightful discussions, share knowledge, and forge valuable business connections.

This initiative is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women and providing them with the recognition and support they deserve.

Join us in Coronado, CA as we celebrate innovation, honor, ingenuity, and empower women product entrepreneurs and inventors as they take their place while making the world a better place. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your remarkable invention on a grand scale and a supportive stage.

Let’s champion women inventors and inspire a new wave of creativity, success and progress!

For inquiries, please email [email protected]

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Event Speakers Check back for many exciting Speaker additions!

Dr. Julie Ducharme

Creator of She Talks President of Synergy Learning Institute, EMCEE of Event

Julie “Jules” Weldon

Entrepreneur, CEO of OME Gear, Podcast Host, Author

Stacey Pierce

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder OME Gear, Co-Founder A Salty Rim, Podcast Host, Author

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About Lead and Empower Her She Talks

The Lead and Empower Her She Talks mission is to support the 501 c(3) nonprofit Synergy Learning Institute through the proceeds of the conference. The funds go directly to the Combat Boots to Heels program supporting women veterans transitioning out of the military.

Lead and Empower Her She Talks brings together insights from a diverse range of females from the entertainment industries, military, education, and big business. She Talks is an empowering event full of powerful stories from speakers that will leave your cup full.

About BoldSKY Foundation

The BoldSKY Foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurial inventors by providing financial investment and strategic coaching services to support their product business endeavors. Recognizing the immense potential and largely untapped talent of women in the business world, BoldSKY strives to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship and foster a culture of empowerment, innovation, and success.

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