Tia Cristy

Tia Cristy


Tia Cristy


Tia Cristy has humbly earned the title of Personality and Tips Expert in Lifestyle, Health, and Beauty through radio, television, and print.


Growing up, Tia’s wakeup routine became a recurrent morning segment for her, Radio Personality, cousin. She never thought that would lead her down the path of radio, herself, but fate had a plan.

With her start in radio, Tia was initially hired to run a studio board. However, after four days and answering a simple question on-air from the morning show host, she was miraculously given her own night show in Atlantic City. That started many adventures over the years, across the country, working in different markets and genres. She was an on-air producer for the #1 rated morning show in Philadelphia. She was also the nighttime host for the top-rated station in Seattle.

With over 20 years of experience, Tia has worked with artists and celebrities throughout the years, conducting interviews and announcing headlining artists for sold-out arenas. Tia also has taught radio and production in Washington D.C. for CSB.


Tia is a content and ghostwriter who has been under the umbrella of writing her entire life. It started in Elementary school, writing for the class newspaper, to eventually growing up and writing for the County Newspaper. Since the start of her career, specializing in words, she has contributed to newsprint, local magazines, web, scripts, copy, and manuscripts. Tia has received a nod from Clint Eastwood on the screenplay Dark Matter: PTSD.


Tia created TipsfromTia.com in 2012 when suffering from a unique condition, Mold Toxicity Poisoning, after moving into a new house. The situation caused an array of horrific symptoms, including severe brain fog. Tia had always had a gift of knowing tips that could help others with things, like getting a stain out of this or how to naturally take care of that. So, when the brain fog started to affect her everyday lifestyle, Tia began to post the tips, hoping it would help preserve her memory. In the process, Tia resumed education by getting her Boards in Nutrition, granting her the title, Tips Expert.

Millions go undiagnosed with Mold Toxicity Poisoning because the symptoms can range from mild to severe. Plus, it can be extremely tricky to diagnose and difficult to find the source.

After a long line of treatments and rehabilitation, Tia returned to healthy as if it were all a bad dream. However, there was a silver lining to the severe condition. By this time, TipsfromTia.com had started to grow in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Today, Tips from Tia has over a million unique visitors who have received simple, easy tips that can help reduce everyday stress.

Tia and Tips from Tia have been featured on podcasts, radio, and television.


Tia has spoken in public since childhood from pageants to plays. She has completed voice training as well as taught voice training. As a personality, she has hosted some of the biggest venues for concerts in front of tens of thousands of people.

Tia shares her knowledge of being a Tips Expert to the world through podcasts, and television, and is also a proud speaker of TEDx.

She is also a Presentation Coach for executive clients looking for help in voice, speech, memorization, and confidence in public speaking and presentations.