Shelby Jo Long

Shelby Jo Long


Shelby Jo Long


Shelby is a highly experienced executive and senior vice president at the Strategic Advisor Board. She specializes in client management and is an expert in branding and positioning. Shelby works with some of the most influential brands in the world, helping to create a strong framework for small businesses.

A professional speaker, international speaking coach, and four-time international best-selling author, Shelby is a recognized expert in corporate communications. She works with prominent CEOs, professional athletes, and influencers in executive coaching and consulting to help companies amplify their influence in the marketplace with a comprehensive brand presence. In all of her businesses, she helps clients develop a comprehensive brand strategy for thought leadership.

Shelby is CEO of Business Dynamics and CEO of Rogue Publishing Partners, where she helps visionaries develop an infrastructure for their business and influence. Her particular method helps ingenious entrepreneurs position their idea in the marketplace. Her bestselling book, I See Your Genius: Transform Your Idea into Income, is a valuable reference and guide for entrepreneurs.

Besides her leadership roles, Shelby is currently a tenured professor of business communication. Her background in business culture, communication, and leadership has earned her a reputation as an expert in the field. Shelby’s expertise in corporate culture and leadership helps create a strong framework for small business success.

Shelby’s tireless dedication, extensive knowledge of corporate communications, and passion for helping organizations build a solid brand and framework make her an indispensable asset to both the Strategic Advisor Board and the organizations she serves.